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some family pictures assembled I am a Software Developer at Siemens Atea in Herentals, Belgium. For the details and coordinates, check out my curriculum. We do have some nice job opportunities for you, too.
I married in august '98 to Ingrid and I took some of our wedding pictures myself. For those interested in reading on our honeymoon in Crete, I seldom take color photo's but this time I think there a couple of nice ones among the pack.
No, my real interest in photography lies in black and white pictures. I have a selection of my B&W photo's here. Some of them are taken with my Rolleiflex 6X6, others with my old Russian Zenit 35 mm camera. Now that I have my Minolta 505si it isn't used that much no more, but is certainly will stay around.

After playing in the Java Games Corner, check out one of the following Photographic courses. Many of them are originally from the Rochester Institue of Technology website:

Note: as far as I know, none of the above material is copyrighted. If anyone knows different, please let me know.

If you're not interested in photography but just want shoot nice holiday and birthday pictures with your compact camera, read my better pictures in 5 minutes guide. Or if you're planning to get serious, use my regularly updated photography links.

If you want to, you can also give me some feedback, enter the chatroom, see my guestbook or enter the bookstore. If you have some spare time on your hands, don't forget to visit the Java Games Corner, featuring 15 online playable games!

Take care !

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